My name is Hannah Grissom. I am currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with degrees in Art History, Studio Art, and French. These degrees harbored theoretical research and intervention into all aspects of my creative production- thought preceding making.

My current work generally seeks to render the intricacies of familial relationships in a topological sense but also, selfishly, in terms of my own experience. Maybe even to put into image what  Derrida says about the death of Roland Barthes- that those who have passed do indeed proceed into the lives of others. Further, to render the temporal confusions of these processions. Shared moments are remembered differently amongst those who shared them and will continue to differentiate as more experiences are shared. My little brother said I put the star on top of the Christmas tree last year, but I am quite sure he did. 

Thank you for your time.